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Misak Sargsian

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Joerg Reinhold

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Lei Guo

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Jose Allmirall

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Werner Boeglin

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Photo-production, Eta, Differential, Cross sections, GlueX

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In this work we present the GlueX experiment extensive high statistics measurements of the η meson photo-production differential cross sections at beam energies between 3 GeV and 11.6 GeV. We compared the low energy (2.9 GeV< Eγ < 5.9 GeV) differential cross section (dσ/dΩ) results to previous experimental results from the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) collaboration. These (dσ/dΩ) results are also compared to the theoretical isobar model EtaMAID2018 by Tiator et. al., and the Regge model by Nys et. al. The differential cross section dσ/dt is also presented and compared to the previous experimental results, and to the above models, in addition to a model by J. M. Laget. The high energy (6.2 GeV< Eγ < 11.6 GeV) cross section results (dσ/dΩ, and dσ/dt) are compared to the isobar model EtaMAID2018. These results will provide new constraints on η photo-production mechanisms and high energy t- channel processes.



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