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Caroline Simpson

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Pete Markowitz

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James Webb

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Astrophysics and Astronomy, External Galaxies, Physical Processes, Stars, Interstellar Medium, and the Galaxy

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A catalog of neutral hydrogen (HI) of nearby dwarf galaxies obtained from the LITTLE THINGS (Local Irregulars That Trace Luminosity Extremes, The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey) project along with ancillary data are used to examine the relative importance of star-induced star formation associated with the HI holes in 31 dwarf galaxies. HI shells/rings surrounding the HI holes are defined and the fractional amounts of HI and star formation in the rings relative to the global galactic amounts are calculated. These are then compared to look for correlations between the amount of star formation and neutral hydrogen in the rings. Two galaxies in the sample have high HI and high Hα fractions consistent with star-induced star formation being an important mechanism in these galaxies. We find that most galaxies fall into low-HI and low-Hα fractions and so star-induced star formation is not important currently.





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