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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Committee chair

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Valentina Bruk-Lee

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Committee member

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Stefany Coxe

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Committee member

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Juan Sanchez

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Committee member


individual differences, personality, demographics, incentives, preferences, performance

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This dissertation sought to examine the interaction between employment incentives and various individual differences. The main objectives were to create a taxonomy of incentives, explore how personal characteristics influence individuals’ attraction to different types of incentives, and shed light on how individual differences affect preferences for incentive systems that are tied to performance versus those that are independent of performance. Four studies were conducted to achieve those objectives, utilizing expert ratings and data from over 800 undergraduate students. A preliminary categorization system with 14 types of incentives was developed, which served as a framework for the subsequent exploration of incentive–individual differences relationships in this paper. Additionally, a reliable measure of incentive administration preferences was developed and validated in a hypothetical work context. Ultimately, this dissertation paves the way for future research on work incentives by providing a coherent, logical organization of incentives and a means to assess individuals’ inclination towards or against performance-based incentive administration.






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