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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social Welfare

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Miriam Potocky

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Paul H. Stuart

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Shanna L. Burke

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Fatma Huffman

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Refugee, Poverty, Multidimensional poverty

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Through a set of three interconnected studies, this dissertation proposes a multidimensional poverty framework for adult refugees with a focus on their first five years in the United States. In the first study, refugee poverty was quantified using the 2016 Annual Survey of Refugees (ASR) dataset. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were used to calculate optimal cut-off points for income levels maximizing the sensitivity and specificity of the multidimensional poverty index utilized in the study. Guided by Ager and Strang’s (2008) refugee integration framework and using the 2016 ASR dataset, the second study explored factors associated with poverty. Using three data sources (a systematic review of the literature, qualitative data collected through interviews with key informants, and quantitative data from the 2016 ASR), the third study, further explored factors associated with poverty and proposed a multidimensional poverty framework.




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