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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dr. A. Selcuk Uluagac

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Dr. Kemal Akkaya

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Dr. Alexander Perez-Pons

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Dr. Leonardo Bobadilla

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Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Industrial IoT, resource-limited devices

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This doctoral dissertation introduces novel mechanisms to provide on-device security and privacy for resource-limited smart devices and their applications. These mechanisms aim to cover five fundamental contributions in the emerging Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial IoT (IIoT) fields. First, we present a host-based fingerprinting solution for device identification that is complementary to other security services like device authentication and access control. Then, we design a kernel- and user-level detection framework that aims to discover compromised resource-limited devices based on behavioral analysis. Further we apply dynamic analysis of smart devices’ applications to uncover security and privacy risks in real-time. Then, we describe a solution to enable digital forensics analysis on data extracted from interconnected resource-limited devices that form a smart environment. Finally, we offer to researchers from industry and academia a collection of benchmark solutions for the evaluation of the discussed security mechanisms on different smart domains. For each contribution, this dissertation comprises specific novel tools and techniques that can be applied either independently or combined to enable a broader security services for the CPS, IoT, and IIoT domains.







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