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Construction Management

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Mohamed ElZomor

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Nipesh Pradhananga

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Lu Zhang

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Jose Faria

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Engineering Education, Engineering, STEM, Construction Management, Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Professional Development

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In today’s fast-paced work environment, competent construction managers (CM) are vital for project success. However, to be competent, these professionals require the mastery of not only technical skills but also soft skills that enable them to achieve their full potential. Regardless, many CM prize technical abilities over the day-to-day writing, speaking, and overall soft skills, assuming these are not as important to the knowledge of complex concepts. Industry leaders confirm this, as evidence states graduate construction managers lack the basic communication skills to “hit the ground running”. That said, academic programs should seek to adapt and nurture these vital skill sets. For this reason, this research seeks to understand FIU-STEM students’ current communication skills and advance CM students’ presentation skills through three multi-context communication-trainings. These activities offered students opportunities to enhance their presentation performance, improve their confidence, and overcome common presentation issues, thus increasing their chances to thrive in their careers.





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