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Joel C. Trexler

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Jennifer Richards

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Sarah Eddy

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Leonard Pearlstine

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Space-for-Time Substitution, Chronosequence, Everglades, Beta Diversity

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Space-for-Time substitution modeling has been used with increasing frequency to identify functional relationships between environmental drivers and ecological responses. I investigated the use of space-for-time substitution as a null model and beta diversity as a validity test for this null model in the Greater Everglades aquatic metacommunity. I began by conducting a literature review and analysis to investigate the suitability of the space-for-time substitution method as a null model. I then analyzed beta diversity of the Greater Everglades aquatic metacommunity through a sums-of-squares approach. Finally, I tested for correlation between the beta diversity analysis and the space-for-time models. Results indicate that while beta diversity is correlated with space-for-time model success for some species, the relationship is not consistently significant and therefore not suited for validity testing. Space-for-Time substitution is suitable for use as a null model but cannot be used reliably in predictive models for management purposes.





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