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Foreign Language Education

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Eric Dwyer

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Aixa Pérez-Prado

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Ryan Pontier

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Interactive activities, Children's Perspective, Chinese Elementary School,EFL

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Much research regarding implementation of interactive English activities in Chinese elementary schools has been conducted. Missing, however, are studies from children’s perspectives. To garner an initial look into young Chinese students’ perspectives regarding English learning, a 41-question survey was conducted to investigate their perceptions of interactive activities. Sixty-seven participants (30 boys and 37 girls) between ages nine and twelve were included. Results showed that 88% of these students want interactive activities because they can learn happily, and 79% reported that the interactive activity help improve their test scores. Indeed, most students agreed that interactive activities enhance relationships among students, teachers, and parents. However, 19% of the students complained that interactive activities are a waste of time. Overall, students mostly lauded interactive activity but with caveats, namely one of a learning curve. Indeed, Chinese students may appreciate interactive learning, but many students may require years adapting themselves to such in-class structure.





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