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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching and Learning

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Sarah A. Mathews

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Eric Dwyer

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Jorge Duany

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Thomas Reio

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Aixsa Perez-Prado

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Curriculum and Instruction, Education, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Sociology, Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education, Race and Ethnicity, Regional Sociology, Secondary Education and Teaching, Sociology of Culture

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The purpose of this research was to examine how five self-identified Cuban-American social studies teachers, in a city where they are viewed as the dominant culture, demonstrated ethnic and cultural identity, expressed educational beliefs on teaching and learning, promoted culturally diverse pedagogy, and approached the official curriculum relative to their cultural consciousness. This study used a qualitative research design with multiple case and cross-case analysis. Critical Latino theory was the theoretical framework employed for social and cultural categories pertinent to Latinx groups. The study found that the teacher-participants in this study reflected a dominant cultural ideology in Miami which influenced their pedagogy. The teacher-participants believed in student-centered pedagogy yet promoted teacher-centered activities. The teacher-participants accepted the official curriculum without much opposition. Finally, the teacher-participants did not provide adequate cultural inclusive pedagogy or teach as culturally competent educators. Teachers need to study their biases, perspectives, and prejudices to better understand their students of diverse backgrounds and instruct for cultural competency.





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