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Curriculum and Instruction

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Linda Spears-Bunton

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Candace Davenport

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Eric Dwyer

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Sarah Mathews

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Thomas Reio

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Keisha McIntyre-McCullough

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choral music literacy, choral music, music literacy, music educators, constructivism, transactional theory, critical literacy.

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The purpose of this multi-case study was to give experienced choral music educators a voice. It sought to describe, examine, and understand five choral music educators’ perceptions and use of elements within choral music literacy. These elements were specifically sight-reading, text analysis, and composition. Research questions included 1) What are the choral music educators’ perceptions and understandings of choral music literacy? 2) How do these choral music educators design and implement their curriculum? and 3) How can choral music educators balance performance requirements and the elements of choral music literacy, which are invaluable in the creation of independent music making? This research was guided by ideas based in constructivism, critical literacy, and transactional theory as a theoretical lens.

Participants were selected purposively based on the previous work of Garret (2013). Participants included three females and two males, two middle school and three high school choral music educators, with teaching careers ranging from eight years to 38 years in an urban city in the south with diverse populations. Five mini cases were bound together including participants’ interviews, observations, and lesson plans. The data collection included 15 interviews, 18 observations, and supplemental documents such as lesson plans and musical scores. Data analysis was inductive; 48 codes emerged and were gathered into five themes including musicianship skills and development, interpersonal connection, teacher qualities and responsibilities, student involvement, and growth mindset.





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