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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Global and Sociocultural Studies

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Percy C. Hintzen

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Jorge Duany

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Vrushali Patil

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Ana María Bidegain

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Migration, Youth, Racial State, Argentina, Latin America, South-South Migration

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This dissertation examines the nexus among migration, youth and the state in the south-south migratory context of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drawing from documentary, ethnographic, interview, and archival data, it unpacks a series of contradicting realities that shape migrant youth’s experiences of protection, mobility, and belonging in Argentina despite progressive immigration policies. Specifically, it looks at 1) uneven state responses to the international movement of young people, 2) everyday exclusionary geographies that serve to criminalize young migrants, and 3) moral panics about youth migration that challenge the existence of progressive policies and make evident the historically-rooted racial structures of belonging that undergird contemporary immigration policy, discourse, and practice. By unpacking deep contradictions between the official narratives and policies of the Argentine state, and its everyday practices and discourses, this dissertation intervenes in multiple scholarly debates pertinent both to the Latin American region and countries of the global north, arguing that securitized narratives about immigration function to sustain the racial state.



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