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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Arvind Agarwal

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Benjamin Boesl

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Committee Co-Chair

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Yiding Cao

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Sharan Ramaswamy

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committee Member


Computational Approach, Plasma Spray, Splat Simulation, Finite Element Analysis, Stochastic Approach, Mechanical Property

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In this study, a multi-pronged computational approach is developed to predict the effect of spray parameters on aluminum oxide splat formation and mechanical properties of the coatings. The splat morphology is investigated using computational fluid dynamics approach. Simulated splat morphologies show a good agreement with the experimentally obtained splats. Three-dimensional coating structure is constructed using the stochastic approach using simulated splat morphologies. Finite Element Analysis is used to compute the elastic modulus of the coating. An inter-splat correction factor is introduced which considers inter-splat cracks, interface bonding and other effects like curling of splats and splat sliding. After the correction factor, the computed elastic modulus for simulated coating is comparable to the experimental values (4~5%). This study shows that the proposed computational approach can predict the mechanical properties of the coating and is promising for developing plasma-sprayed coatings with predictable properties and can be extended to other materials systems.





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