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Master of Arts (MA)


Religious Studies

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Ana Maria Bidegain

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Whitney Bauman

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Albert Kafui Wuaku

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Religious Identities, Religion and Migration, Religion in Miami, Religion and Millennials, South American Migrants, South American Migrants in Miami, Christian Identities, World Christianity, Christian Millennials, Christian Migrants, Christians in Miami

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This study aims to understand the social configuration of religious identities of South American millennial migrants who self-identify as Christian in Miami-Dade County. The work entails an extensive description of the context of the study subjects, deep theoretical insight on religion and identity, and a qualitative approach. The narratives of the South American millennial migrants’ process of religious identity configuration and the relationships they establish with religious institutions emerged from in-depth interviews and focus group sessions. The analysis of such narratives grounded middle-range theory that makes sense of the study subjects and can potentially shed light on other experiences in pluralistic, migratory contexts. In the end, the study offers a significant contribution to the under-explored intersection between the processes of identity configuration, religious institutions, and migration in Miami-Dade County from the perspective of South American millennial migrants who self-identify as Christians.






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