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Construction Management

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Nipesh Pradhananga

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N. Emel Ganapati

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Jose Faria

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post disaster reconstruction, pdr, worker safety, construction safety, disaster recovery, reconstruction safety

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The understanding of the concept of construction workers’ health and safety during the post-disaster reconstruction (PDR) phase is still unexplored. The objective of this study is to identify a knowledge gap in the literature through systematic literature review and to find out factors that affect the health and safety of the workers during PDR. To achieve the objectives, in-depth semi-structured interviews are conducted with different stakeholders such as Owners, General Contractors, Government Officials, Safety Supervisors, Engineers and Construction Workers in the context of Nepal Earthquake 2015. Interviews are conducted in a way that the respondents represent a wide range of perspectives. The findings of this study pointed out factors such as debris management, the participation of community people, using unskilled workers, immigrant workers as some of the factors which play a vital role from the safety aspect. Finally, the findings of this study introduce workers’ health and safety as an important issue in PDR planning. It will potentially help the authorities to integrate it in disaster preparedness and recovery planning.





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