Sexual and artistic manipulation : Elizabeth's and Leicester's key for survival in the Elizabethan era

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James M Sutton

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Joseph Patrouch

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Donald Watson

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The purpose of this thesis is to outline a new understanding of the relationship between England’s Queen Elizabeth I and her favorite courtier, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. This new understanding proposes that their childhood experiences and education were fundamental to their relationship as adults. They learned their manipulative abilities as a key to survival early in their lives, and repeatedly manifested this pattern throughout the years, as willing participants in a sexual and artistic game lasting only as long as both players followed the rules. The highpoint of this union was reached during the summer of 1575 when Leicester entertained Elizabeth at his palatial country house, Kenilworth.

Critical interpretation and a multidisciplinary research approach, including history, child psychology, architecture, and literature, provide significant proof that Elizabeth and Leicester sexually manipulated each other in order to survive the turbulence of sixteenth century England.



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