Individual differences influencing context effects in responding to items assessing conscientiousness in a personality test

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Christian Meissner

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Paulette Johnson

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Ram Aditya

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Context effects in a personality scale were examined by determining if conscientiousness scale (C) scores were significantly different when administered alone vs. part of a Five Factor Model inventory (Big5). The effectiveness of individual difference variables (ID Vs) as predictors of the context effect was also examined. The experiment compared subjects who completed the full Big5 once and the C alone once (Big5/C or C/Big5) to subjects who complete either the Big5 inventory twice (Big5/Big5) or the C twice (C/C). No significant differences were found. When Big5/C and C/Big5 groups were combined, ID Vs were tested, and only the field dependence variable (R2=.O6) was found to significantly predict the context effect. However, the small R2 minimized concerns of context effects in Big5 inventories.



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