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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering

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Malek Adjouadi

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Jean Andrian

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Armando Barreto

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The main purpose of this research is the implementation of a software interface. This interface shall allow the interpretation of particle size in a medium with respect to its diffraction patterns. The literature shows extensive work on the theory of light scattering but the experiments are cumbersome to implement. Some initial work has required the levitation of particle to isolate the difficulties associated with a flow environment. The purpose of this work; however, will focus on the software requirements to synchronize, collect and analyze light scattering patterns.

Although there are many other ways of sizing particles, it may be useful to prove the feasibility of the well-defined theory in a flow environment.

The light scattering signatures from an illuminated particle is abundantly used in the flow cytometry area but are obtained from other mean in capturing light information. The present study could determine the specific angles of interest allowing the discrimination by size of various types of particles (e.g.. blood cells).





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