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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Raimund K. Ege

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Farahengiz Arefi

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Doron Tal


Parallel programming (Computer science), C++ (Computer program language)

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The demand for computers is oriented toward faster computers and newer computers are being built with more than one CPU. These computers require sophisticated software to program them. One such approach to program the multiple CPU machines is through the use of object-oriented programming techniques. An example of such an approach is the use of C* on the Connection Machine.

Though C* supports many of the object-oriented concepts, it does not support the concept of software reuse through inheritance. This thesis introduces a new language called C*±+ , an extension of C* language to support inheritance. We also discuss the issues invloved in the implementation of multiple inheritance in programming languages.

This thesis describes the differences between C** and C* . It also discusses the various issues involved in the design and implementation of the translator from C** to C* . It also illustrates the advantages of programming in C*++ through an example. Since C*++ is designed to support software reuse which allows the users to create quality software in shorter time, it is anticipated that C*+ will have widespread use in programming the Connection Machine.





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