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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering

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Wunnava V. Subbarao

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Committee Chair

Second Advisor's Name

John C. Comfort

Third Advisor's Name

Malcolm L. Heimer

Fourth Advisor's Name

Kang K. Yen


Ring networks (Computer networks), Fault-tolerant computing

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This thesis is a study of communication protocols (token ring, FDDI, and ISDN), microcontrollers (68HC 1EVB), and fault tolerance schemes. One of the major weaknesses of the token ring network is that if a single station fails, the entire system fails. A scheme involving a combination of hardware and timer interrupts in the software has been designed and implemented which deals with this risk. Software and protocols have been designed and applied to the network to reduce the chance of bit faults in communications. ISDN frame format proved to be exceptional in its capacity to carry echoed data and a large variety of tokens which could be used by the stations to test the data. By its very nature, the token ring supplied another major fault detection device by allowing the data to be returned and tested at its source. The resulting network was successful.





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