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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Global and Sociocultural Studies

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Guillermo Grenier

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Jorge Duany

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Benjamin Smith

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Astrid Arraras

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Integration, Migration, Germany, Cuba, Cuban Diaspora, Ethnography, Identity, GDR

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This ethnographic study on Cuban immigrants conducted in Germany explored the dynamics of integration through an understudied immigrant population. Most of the research conducted on integration in Germany has overwhelmingly been on Turkish immigrants, which is Germany’s majority immigrant group. To contribute to Integration Studies, this research focused on a minority and lesser studied immigrant group, Cuban immigrants. Cuban immigrants in Germany not only have a different historical and geopolitical relationship with Germany than its majority group but they also subscribe to different cultural and ethnoreligious categories. Because of these varying circumstances, Cubans act as a counter example to the majority immigrant group, creating an alternative narrative to integration in Germany.

This dissertation addressed the methodology used in this study, explored the complexity of identity, examined German immigration and integration policies, reviewed the Cuban diaspora in the United States and globally, and presented an ethnography of Cuban integration in Germany. Effectively contributing to not only Integration Studies but also to Cuban Diaspora Studies, and Identity Studies.





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