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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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John Craig Comfort

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David Barton

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Doron Tal

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With decreasing cost and size of processors and more sophisticated demands of computer users, it is becoming popular to execute programs in parallel on a distributed network. Processors communicate through shared memory or hard-wired links depending on the hardware and topology of the system. Simulation is an appropriate tool for the investigation of system throughput, and the projection of system behavior under various workloads.

In this paper is described the configuration and communication protocol of an INMOS Transputer network, and the construction, verification, and validation of a detailed simulation model for the network. Results obtained from the execution of the model, projecting system behavior under both heavy and moderate workloads, are presented. The most significant results obtained indicate that system throughput is severely degraded when increases are made to either message traffic distance or network buffer size. Several areas for further research are suggested, including an alternative topology for large networks.





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