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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

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Shonali Laha

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Committee chair

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Leonel Lagos

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Committee member

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Walter Tang

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Committee member


Modeling, Surface Water, DHI, Atmospheric Events, South Carolina, Flow

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Hydrological models are powerful tools used to predict water systems behavior such as flow and water level characteristics for rivers and streams. In this research, a fully dynamic 1-D model was developed using the MIKE 11 model for a specific stream called A-014, this stream is in the Savannah River Site (SRS), SC.

A field study was conducted in order to collect data needed as inputs for the model development. Data like water velocity and cross-section measurement played a major role in understanding the behavior of the A-014 and the validation of our model.

Results showed a correlation capable to predict the water flow of the A-014 stream and how it can be affected by atmospheric events and hydrologic infrastructure. Rain fall events had a big effect in the stream flow by increasing it along many cross-sections. In addition, hydrological infrastructures effected the stream flow by slowing it down and by forming ponds around the culvert and weir which are located in the A-014 stream.





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