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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Political Science

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Mohiaddin Mesbahi

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Committee chair

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Ralph Clem

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Committee member

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Eric Lob

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committee member

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Harry Gould

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committee member

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Naisy Sarduy

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committee member

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Benjamin Smith

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committee member


Iran, Saudi Arabia, Security, Foreign Policy

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This dissertation is an exploration of the dynamics of Iranian-Saudi relations from the earliest days of their encounter in the 1920s through 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. This is a period in the relations of the two states that has rarely been the subject of intellectual inquiry in the existing literature. This present research provides an analytical historiography of Iranian-Saudi relations with an aim to examine the elements constituting the dynamics of their relations. This is attained by contextualizing the milestones of Iranian-Saudi relations, triangulating historical accounts to identify the narrative among alternatives that best fits the meaningful causal processes explaining continuity and change, and weighing the impacts of factors playing a role in any given period of the Iranian-Saudi relations.





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