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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Jai Navlakha

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Raimund Ege

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Alex Pelin

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In this paper, I describe an expert project control system for construction management. The purpose of the project is to develop methods and strategies for expert system based planning, scheduling, chronicling and analysis for construction management. Planning defines the actions required to accomplish a goal? scheduling links the plan into a frame of time? chronicling is monitoring job performance and analysis defines reevaluation of the plan as conditions change. Conditions are modeled as constraints and will be coded as rules. As conditions change, constraints must be dynamically modified by the system to accommodate the changes. The research is a combination of three related areas:

a. Domain dependent hierarchical planning techniques.

b. Model-based planning/scheduling techniques developed for the job-shop environment.

c. Expert construction planning/scheduling techniques.





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