Y-chromosome polymorphisms in the Himalayas

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Rene J. Herrera

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George T. Duncan

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Timothy M. Collins

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In the present study, high resolution Y-chromosome SNP analyses were employed to investigate the genetic origins of three distinct groups from Nepal namely, the general population of Kathmandu, Newar, and Tamang, as well as a collection from Tibet. The results suggest that the Tibetans and Nepalese are descendants of Tibeto-Burman speaking groups originating in Northeast Asia. With the exception of Tamang, both Newar and Kathmandu exhibit considerable similarities to Indian Y haplogroup substructure. These results suggest recent gene flow from the Indian subcontinent, a conclusion that is also supported by the admixture analysis. In contrast, while YAP+ , a genetic signature of Central Asian origin, is completely absent in Nepal, it accounts for more than fifty percent of Tibetan Y-chromosome. Low frequencies of haplogroup R lineages in Tibet reflect limited gene flow from India most likely due to the Himalayan mountain range to the south.



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