Increasing Fluid Intake in Nursing Home Residents by Offering Larger Portions with Medications

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Master of Science (MS)


Dietetics and Nutrition

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Victoria Castellanos

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Michele Ciccazzo

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Nancy S. Wellman

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The objective of this study was to determine if offering larger portions of fluids with medications, i.e., at “med pass,” would increase fluid intake in nursing home residents.

In a Latin square design, thirty-four residents of a 180-bed nursing facility received 4 and 8 oz servings of water and juice during distribution of medication. Fluid remains were weighed after 90 minutes. Larger portions and juice offerings were both found to increase fluid intake. Average fluid intakes increased from 80 to 140 mL when 8 oz servings of fluid were served instead of 4 oz servings (ps <.01). When juice was served in place of water, average intakes increased from 90 to 130 mL (ps <.01). Evaluation of the interaction between portion size and fluid type revealed that juice potentiated the increased intakes seen with 8 oz portions of fluid (ps <.01). Providing larger servings of fluid and offering juice with medications can be effective strategies to increase fluid intake in nursing home residents.



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