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Francisco Fernandez-Lima

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Yuk-Ching Tse-Dinh

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Co-Committee chair

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Fenfei Leng

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Jessica Siltberg-Liberles

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Yuan Liu

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Committee member


Trapped IOn Mobility Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry, DNA complexes

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The characterization of biomolecules and biomolecular complexes represents an area of significant research activity because of the link between structure and function. Drug development relies on structural information in order to target certain domains. Many traditional biochemical techniques, however, are limited by their ability to characterize only certain stable forms of a molecule. As a result, multidimensional approaches, such as ion mobility mass spectrometry coupled to mass spectrometry (IMS-MS), are becoming very attractive tools as they provide fast separation, detection and identification of molecules, in addition to providing three-dimensional shape for structural elucidation. The present work expands the use and application of trapped ion mobility spectrometry-coupled to mass spectrometry (TIMS-MS) by analyzing a range of biomolecules (including proteoforms, intrinsically disordered peptides, DNA and molecular complexes). The aim is to i) evaluate the TIMS platform measuring sensitivity, selectivity, and separation of targeted compounds, ii) pioneer new applications of TIMS for a more efficient and higher throughput methodologies for identification and characterization of biomolecular ions, and iii) characterize the dynamics of selected biomolecules for insight into the folding pathways and the intra-or intermolecular interactions that define their conformational space.





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