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Master of Arts (MA)


International Studies

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Dr. Susanne Zwingel

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Dr. Thomas A. Breslin

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Dr. John G. Oates

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Syrian refugee crisis, international refugee protection regime, 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, Common European Asylum System, European refugee crisis, German asylum system, Hungarian asylum system

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This thesis explores the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on the Common European Asylum System. It evaluates the extent to which the European Union was able to implement a common asylum system, identifies discrepancies between different European countries, primarily Germany and Hungary, and briefly examines the roots of these differences. To this end, the structure of the international refugee protection regime and the German and Hungarian asylum systems are analyzed. Furthermore, the thesis explores how the governments of the two countries perceive the rights of refugees and how their views have affected their handling of the crisis. The case studies of Germany and Hungary have revealed that the treatment of Syrian refugees varies enormously within the EU. Hence, the implementation of the Common European Asylum System has not been achieved, which can be attributed to the deficiencies within the system and the growing ideological rifts within the EU.





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