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Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Studies

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Rene Price

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Committee chair

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Assefa Melesse

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Committee member

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Michael Ross

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Committee member


Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Agriculture, Everglades, Wetlands, Restoration

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In the Florida Everglades, remodeling of natural wetlands to promote agriculture and human settlement, have profoundly altered its hydrologic regime. As a result of anthropogenic changes, many restoration programs have been initiated to restore hydrologically controlled wetland ecosystems. One such restoration project that has been ongoing for the past 27 years is the Hole-in-the-Donut restoration program in Everglades National Park. The restoration program is unique in that it utilized an unorthodox technique to restore the landscape. The viability of the restoration technique was assessed by coupling long-term hydrologic and evapotranspiration data with water chemistry analyses. Key results indicated that the restoration method did not change groundwater levels within and down gradient of the restored sites. Evapotranspiration rates were significantly reduced as a function of restoration. Concentrations of ions and nutrients were significantly different in groundwater and surface water within the restored areas compared to outside the restored areas.





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