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Jesse S. Michel

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Committee Chair

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Daniel Wright

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Valentina Bruk-Lee


Challenge Stress, Hindrance Stress, Performance, Satisfaction, Physiological Health, Psychological Health

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The current study considered school stress appraisal, as a challenge or hindrance, as it relates to individual school outcomes (performance and satisfaction), and individual health outcomes (physiological and psychological). Correlations were calculated between predictor and outcome variables. Confidence intervals were calculated and regression analyses performed in order to highlight differences in the relationship between predictors on the same outcome variables. A mediation analysis was conducted to establish the potential effect of health on the relationship between the predictors and performance/satisfaction outcomes. Challenge and hindrance stress were each found to be correlated with both types of health outcomes. Hindrance stress was found to be correlated with satisfaction. Challenge stress was found to be correlated with performance. Physical and psychological health were found to partially mediate the relationship between hindrance stress and satisfaction. Overall, stress appraisal was found to be a good predictor of individual outcomes. Health outcomes were found to mediate the relationship between satisfaction outcomes.





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