Identification of D21S11 haplotypes based on single nucleotide polymorphisms found in the 5' flanking sequence

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Master of Science (MS)



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Martin Tracey

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Javier Francisco-Ortega

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George Duncan

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Several studies have suggested a relationship between the rate of mutation of a microsatellite locus and the content of its flanking sequences. D21S11 is one of the thirteen microsatellites that constitute the FBI's CODIS Core. It is a complex microsatellite which exhibits high levels of polymorphism and microvariation. The goal of this project was to determine D21S11 haplo pes based on the new SNPs found in approximately 800 bp of associated flanking sequence. The region surrounding the microsatellite was amplified and sequenced. In 150 samples, two SNPs were identified upstream (5') of D21S11. None of them revealed any association with a specific allele.



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