Design, development and testing of a computerized data acquisition and control system for a nanoparticle deposition system

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

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Frank K. Urban, III

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David Barton

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Wunnava Subbarao

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The purpose of this work was to design, develop, and test a computerized data acquisition system that is capable of accurately acquiring experimental data from the nanoparticle deposition system at a high rate of speed. The data acquisition system can record multiple pressures, voltages, currents, temperatures, gas flow rates and store the acquired data in a database for easy retrieval. The data acquisition and control system is based on a Pentium personal computer and commercially available data acquisition cards and associated circuitry. A significant software development was required in order to integrate this hardware into a usable whole which can be accessed from the computer itself or over the Internet as a web site. The software was written in Microsoft Visual C++ and utilizes Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). The data acquisition system was successfully utilized in numerous experiments that were made with the nanoparticle deposition system. Data that was acquired by the system was used to generate plots that made it possible to study time domain relationships of measured parameters, such as currents, voltages, pressures, etc.



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