Experiments in the dissociative recombination of xenon and krypton

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Kenneth A. Hardy

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John T. Landrum

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Xuewen Wang

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Yifu Zhu

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Experiments were conducted using the Time of Flight (TOF) method to identify the final product states of the dissociative recombination reaction of krypton and xenon. In the dissociative recombination (DR) reaction the molecular ion breaks up into product atoms whose velocities can be measured. These velocities can then be used to identify the final product states. The DR of krypton had been studied by Shiu and Biondi using spectrometric techniques. They observed the 5p states. Hardy et al. using TOF techniques had observed the 5s states. Mitchell et al. studied the DR of xenon. They observed the 6p and 5d states of xenon. In this laboratory using the TOF method I have recently identified the 5s, 6p and the 4d final states of the DR of krypton. Then I was able to identify the 5d, 7s, 6d, and 6p' final product states of vi the DR of xenon. The study of the DR of these heavy inert gases can shed light on the theory of the DR of heavy polyatomic gases, which is not well developed.



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