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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical Engineering

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Genady P. Cherepanov

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Sabri Tosunoglu

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Ibrahim Tansel

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Norman Munroe

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The problems of plasticity and non-linear fracture mechanics have been generally recognized as the most difficult problems of solid mechanics. The present dissertation is devoted to some problems on the intersection of both plasticity and non-linear fracture mechanics. The crack tip is responsible for the crack growth and therefore is the focus of fracture science. The problem of crack tip has been studied by an army of outstanding scholars and engineers in this century, but has not, as yet, been solved for many important practical situations. The aim of this investigation is to provide an analytical solution to the problem of plasticity at the crack tip for elastic-perfectly plastic materials and to apply the solution to a classical problems of the mechanics of composite materials. In this work, the stresses inside the plastic region near the crack tip in a composite material made of two different elastic-perfectly plastic materials are studied. The problems of an interface crack, a crack impinging an interface at the right angle and at arbitrary angles are examined. The constituent materials are assumed to obey the Huber-Mises yielding condition criterion. The theory of slip lines for plane strain is utilized. For the particular homogeneous case these problems have two solutions: the continuous solution found earlier by Prandtl and modified by Hill and Sokolovsky, and the discontinuous solution found later by Cherepanov. The same type of solutions were discovered in the inhomogeneous problems of the present study. Some reasons to prefer the discontinuous solution are provided. The method is also applied to the analysis of a contact problem and a push-in/pull-out problem to determine the critical load for plasticity in these classical problems of the mechanics of composite materials.

The results of this dissertation published in three journal articles (two of which are under revision) will also be presented in the Invited Lecture at the 76 International Conference on Plasticity (Cancun, Mexico, January 1999).





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