Psychosocial risk factors for eating disorders in Hispanic females of diverse ethnic background and Non-Hispanic females

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Master of Science (MS)


Dietetics and Nutrition

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Valerie George

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Jorge Monserrate

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Victoria Castellanos

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The primary objective of this study was to assess the psychosocial risk factors for eating disorders in Hispanic (70%) and Non Hispanic (30%) female university students (n= 618). Risk factors were assessed with the Psychosocial Risk Factor Questionnaire (PRFQ) and its four sub-scales. There was a significant difference in the score for Concern (F = 243, p .046) and Media Pressure (F = 367, p < .006) by ethnic group. African Americans had a significantly lower mean score (3.27 ± 028) for media pressure than all other ethnic groups. There was a significant difference in total PRFQ score (F = 2.52, p < .02l) and the score for perception (F = 2.18, p< .044) among the Hispanic ethnic groups. These results indicate that there are differences among major ethnic groups as well as among Hispanic ethnic groups in terms of the psychosocial factors associated with the risk of eating disorders.



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