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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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T. C. Yih

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Committee Chair

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I. N. Tansel

Third Advisor's Name

C. Levy

Fourth Advisor's Name

M. A. Ebadian


Robots, Motion, Dynamics

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In this thesis, a new symbolic representation based on 4x4 homogeneous matrices, C-B (Cylindrical Coordinates - Bryant Angles) notation, has been applied to the kinematic and dynamic analyses of general robots, and a computer algorithm named RaMIP (Robot and Mechanism Integrated Program) has been developed on a Sun workstation for the design and analysis of robots and mechanisms. RaMIP can be used to model most industrial robots currently in use. It performs three-dimensional kinematic and dynamic analyses and takes advantage of the computational efficiency of C-B notation. The C-B notation allows the user to model an arbitrary mechanism consisting of any combination of revolute, prismatic and spherical joints. RaMIP has the capability of presenting results in the form of two- and three-dimensional plots of colored contours, as well as tables of numerical data. The algorithm is examined and tested by analyzing several commercial robots. Kinematic and dynamic results are computed and presented in two- and three-dimensional graphs and compared with known data to probe the validity and accuracy of RaMIP. It should be noticed that the efforts completed in this thesis present only the first step towards the implementation of a general purpose computer algorithm -RaMIP- for the automated design and analysis of open- and closed-chain mechanisms utilizing C-B notation.





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