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Scctt L. Fraser

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Juan I. Sanchez

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William Rando

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Margaret Bull Kovera

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Four-hundred twenty-seven firefighter/paramedics and firefighter/emergency medical technicians completed questionnaires regarding past and current turnover decisions. The employees, who work in teams of either three or four, have a collective bargaining benefit that allows them to "bid for" (request) new positions/teams every six months; positions are awarded on the basis of seniority. Because employees are leaving neither the organization nor their job, the "bid" process creates intra-organizational turnover on a regular basis. It was hypothesized that those individuals higher in teamwork/social cohesion expectations, higher in interpersonal orientation, and lower in conflict tolerance would report placing greater importance on interpersonal reasons (teamwork/social cohesion) in past bid/assignment decisions. Creation of a conflict tolerance scale was the goal of a preliminary study. It was further hypothesized that current bid/assignment satisfaction would predict the current turnover decision (during the cycle in which the study was conducted), and that past individual turnover frequency would also predict current turnover. All hypotheses were supported.



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