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Master of Science (MS)


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Industrial Engineering

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Julie A. Jacko

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Marc L. Resnick

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Paulette M. Johnson

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This study focuses on the characterization of partially sighted users' performance within a graphical user interface environment. Participants, ranging in visual abilities from fully sighted (FSU) with no visual impairments to partially sighted (PSU) with limited visual abilities, participated in computer-based search and select tasks. It is shown that visual search strategies employed by both PSU and FSU within a graphical user interface can be described by Steinberg's (1969) Additive Factor Model. In addition, selection strategies, measured by mouse movement times, are linearly related and highly correlated to the Index of Difficulty as explained by Fitts' Law. This is the first study of its kind that links the physiology of partial vision to behaviors and strategies exhibited during psychomotor task performance. These results can enable system interface designers to effectively design and accommodate the wide range of visual capabilities of today's growing population of computer users.





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