Semantic caching in mobile environment using semi-structured data

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering

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Niki Pissinou

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Subbarao Wunnava

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Kia Makki

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Data caching at mobile units can greatly reduce communications and has been a proven method of decreasing problems associated with mobile communications. It was found that although the existing semantic caching algorithm outperformed the least recently used caching mechanisms, it didn't support the location dependent data model used for location dependent queries. Hence, the primary goal of this thesis was to enhance the already existing semantic caching algorithm to be able to use features of XML and semi-structured data, allowing for exchange of data within the various data models.

To enhance the semantic caching algorithm with XML features, a XML layer was built around all the interacting components forming a XML wrapper. A detailed simulation compared other algorithms with the semantic caching algorithm with XML layer and results obtained strengthened the fact that semantic caching algorithm with the overhead of XML layer around it, always outperform the present day least recently used algorithm for mobile environment.



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