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Environmental Studies

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Krishnaswamy Jayachandran

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Committee Chair

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Miroslav Gantar

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Leonard J. Scinto


algae, biodiesel, Everglades, Nile red, nutrient depletion

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This project investigates the potential of the 27 Everglades green algal strains for producing biodiesel. The five potential strains chosen by measuring the neutral lipid content using the Nile red method were Coelastrum 46-4, Coccoid green 64-12, Dactylococcus 64-10, Stigeoclonium 64-8 and Coelastrum 108-5. Coelastrum 108-5 and Stigeoclonium 64-8 yielded the same amount of lipids in both Gravimetric and Nile red method. A linear relationship between algal biomass and lipid accumulation was seen in Coelastrum 46-4, Coccoid green 64-12, Stigeoclonium 64-8 and Coelastrum 108-5 indicating that increase in algal biomass increased the lipid accumulation. Nitrogen and phosphorous stress conditions were also studied where higher lipid accumulation was observed significantly (p < 0.05) in 64-8 Stigeoclonium and 64-12 Coccoid green. Collectively, it could be summarized that Coelastrum 108-5, Coccoid green 64-12 and Stigeoclonium 64-8 were promising in some aspects and could be used for further studies.





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