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Michelle A. Marks

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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Juan I. Sanchez

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Intragroup conflict research has shown task and relationship conflict have different effects on group outcomes, and suggests groups promote task conflict while avoiding relationship conflict. However, these suggestions have not yet been tested. This study examines the moderating role of group conflict handling on conflict type-group outcome relationships. Results of a field survey of 96 business school project groups showed task conflict inhibited performance when groups used avoidance tactics; however, these effects were negated when avoidance tactics were not used. Similarly, relationship conflict was only harmful to performance when avoided. When the use of avoidance was low, relationship conflict improved performance. Collaboration mitigated the harmful effects of task conflict and compromising mitigated those of relationship conflict on group satisfaction. Results from this work provide an important first look at how group conflict handling behaviors moderate the relationships between conflict types and group outcomes.



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