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Watson J. Lees

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Kathleen Rein

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Yong Cai

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Synthesis and Characterization of a Hydrolytically Stable Photochromic Copolymer Containing an N-alkylindolylfulgimide

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Fulgides and fulgimides comprise one class of thermally irreversible photochromic organic compounds. Light dependent isomerization, has made these organic molecules promising materials for several applications, including optical memory devices, and switches. Hydrolytic stability of fulgides and fulgimides is crucial for their practical applications in biological systems and humid environments. Fulgimides, the most important derivative of fulgides, have a succinimide ring, which, unlike the anhydride ring, of fulgides, is resistant to hydrolytic degradation. A novel N-alkylindolylfulgimide was synthesized and copolymerized with acrylamide. The photochromic and hydrolytic properties of the copolymer in phosphate (pH 7.4) and acetate (pH 5.0) buffer solutions were characterized. The N-alkylindolylfulgimide based copolymer exhibited significantly enhanced hydrolytic stability (50 times better in phosphate buffer) and similar photochromic properties as a copolymer containing an N-arylindolylfulgimide.





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