The radiolarian biostratigraphy of the oceanic formation, Conset Bay, Barbados, West Indies

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Master of Science (MS)



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Florentin Maurrasse

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Grenville Draper

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Bradford Clement

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A hemipelagic/pelagic sequence from Conset Bay, Barbados, West Indies, was prepared and reviewed to establish the radiolarian biostratigraphy and zonation of the area. This study shows that the sequence extends from the Middle Eocene, Dictyoprora mongolfieri zone, to the Late Eocene, Thyrsocyrtis bromia zone. Two zones, the Podocyrtis ampla zone and the Podocyrtis mitra zone have not been identified although the sequence appears to be stratigraphically continuous. Their absence is related to a sampling gap where an interval of the outcrop is covered with slope wash. The Conset Bay sediments are characterized by extensive reworking of older taxa from several stratigraphic level throughout the time span covered in the present study.



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