Art education to develop student self awareness : a curricular model

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Art Education

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Clement Pennington

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Loriana Novoa

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Fernando Gonzalez Reigosa


Art, Study and teaching, Self-perception

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Human dysfunctionality evidenced in society contributes to egodystonic self-definition in young adults and vice-versa. It is proposed that by fostering self awareness and self knowledge in students, curriculae can be preventive agents in stemming human dysfunctionality. This is a normative, prescriptive model for such an high school art curriculum.

Aspects of individuation and approaches to personality reintegration are extrapolated from psychological theories.

Applications are suggested for a student-centered art class. Teaching for self-discovery includes excercising sensory, affective, intuitive and cognitive functions and tapping the self as the main source for art images. Procedures aim at increasing self knowledge, self esteem, reintegration of dysfunctionality and building ego syntonic connections between awareness, personal life experiences, art and expression.



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