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Computer Science

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Ming Zhao

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Leonel E Lagos

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Peter J Clarke

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This thesis presents the development of a Web Service for the Hotline module of the Knowledge Management Information Tool (KMIT), a tool that is custom built for the decontamination & decommissionin (D&D) community of the Department Of Energy (DOE). The Hotline module allows interested users to post problems to specific areas of interest in the field of D&D. Various clients working with DOE and KMIT want to display the latest published problems of KMIT Hotline search in their own applications on a regular basis. Considering one of the major benefits of Web Services is the ease of integration of one piece of software with another, the Hotline Service is successfully developed and can be plugged into client’s applications by adding a reference to it. In such a distributed environment, messages can flow from node to node, through firewalls, onto the internet and through various intermediaries. This introduces a variety of message security threats. The research for this thesis included a study of the various security risks and scenarios. Appropriate security model is designed and is successfully implemented. Hotline Service can authenticate the client and ensure confidentiality making the service secure to communicate with





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