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Master of Science (MS)



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Ping Zhu

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Committee Chair

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Hugh Willoughby

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committee member

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Haiyan Jiang

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committee member


Boundary Layer, Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, Turbulent Fluxes, Monnin-Obukhov Similarity Theory, Surface Layer Parameterizations

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Appropriate calculation of surface turbulent fluxes between the atmosphere and the underlying surface is one of the major challenges in geosciences. In practice, the surface turbulent fluxes are estimated from the mean surface meteorological variables based on the bulk transfer model combined with Monnin-Obukhov Similarity (MOS) theory. Few studies have been done to examine the extent that to which this flux parameterization framework can be applied to different weather and surface conditions. A novel validation method is developed in this thesis research, which is applied to evaluate the surface flux parameterization using in-situ observations. The main findings are: (a) the theoretical prediction that uses MOS theory does not match well with those directly computed from the observations collected in the coastal region. (b) Large spread in exchange coefficients mainly occurs in the calm wind regime with strong stability. (c) Large turbulent eddies, which depend largely on the mean flow and surface conditions, tend to break the constant flux assumption in the surface layer.





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