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Benjamin Baez

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Mido Chang

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Eric Dwyer

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Norma Goonen

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Academic Dishonesty, Cheating, Plagiarism, University, Faculty, Perceptions

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As university faculty are often required to police academic misconduct among students, their attitudes and beliefs toward misconduct warrant investigation, particularly as the failure to act may exacerbate the incidence of students’ unethical behaviors. Therefore, this descriptive study examined faculty perceptions of academic dishonesty among students, institutional support, and self-plagiarism using an electronic-mail questionnaire (N = 201) and assessed the academic environment, frequency of student misconduct, and severity of those behaviors.

Female faculty were more likely than male faculty to perceive high levels of cheating on exams (pppppppppp

Additionally, online faculty were more likely than campus-based faculty to perceive higher levels of plagiarism among graduate students (p p

Multi-way frequency analyses revealed significant interactions between the perceptions concerning academic integrity policies, institutional support, and understanding of self-plagiarism, thereby, resulting in the rejection of the three null hypotheses of no association.

Overall, faculty remain troubled by self-plagiarism; their perceptions are mediated by gender and academic rank. Consequently, additional efforts should be made to educate instructional staff about the various forms of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, self-plagiarism, double-dipping, and recycling; increase faculty understanding and awareness of misconduct; and encourage compliance with said policies.





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