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Master of Science (MS)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Norman Munroe

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Committee chair

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Benjamin Boesl

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Committee member

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Zhe Cheng

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Committee member

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Kingsley Lau

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Committee member


Other materials science and engineering, Polymer and organic materials

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Protective coatings is used to enhance the corrosion resistance of buried pipelines. However, the effectiveness of epoxy-coatings may be compromised due to inadvertent presence of surface damage and coating disbondment. Additionally, the disbonded coated panels is expected to be less effective than that of scratched or un-defected panels. This research was designed to evaluate the coating performance of FBE and hybrid epoxy in simulated Arabian Gulf water and synthetic Sabkha. The influence of coating damage and disbondment on corrosion resistance was also investigated.

Results of this research indicated a reduction in the adhesion bond between the coatings and substrate. The electrochemical impedance measurements demonstrated the need for an appropriate interpretation of results when this technique is used. The corrosion current density measurements indicated that both media are corrosive. Protective coatings under investigation did not show any blistering effect, loss of adhesion or color change under test conditions, thus reflecting their excellent corrosion resistance property.





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