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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

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Omar I. Abdul-Aziz

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Committee Chair

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Assefa M. Melesse

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Committee member

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Berrin Tansel

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Committee member


Civil Engineering, SWMM, Runoff

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Changes in climate and land use/cover can cause great impacts on the hydrologic processes, especially on stormwater runoff generation. Considering the Shingle Creek Basin in Central Florida as an example of complex inland urban-natural basins, we quantified reference sensitivities of stormwater runoff to plausible scenarios of climatic, land use/cover and hydrologic changes by developing a dynamic rainfall-runoff model with the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM 5.1). Potential storm runoff in the coupled urban-natural basin exhibited high and notably different seasonal sensitivities to rainfall. The total basin runoff was highly sensitive to the basin imperviousness, while showing moderate to low sensitivities to the evapotranspiration, slope and roughness. The changes in runoff under simultaneous hydro-climatic and climate-land cover perturbations were notably different than the summations of their individual contributions. The study findings can be useful in managing stormwater runoff in the Shingle Creek and similar complex urban-natural basins around the world.





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