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B M Golam Kibria

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Pallab Mozumder

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Florence George

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Xia Jin


Hurricane evacuation, Standard logistic model, mixed logistic model, Hurricane Ike

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Hurricanes have been considered one of the most costly disasters in United State, which lead to both economic loss and human fatalities. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of those who evacuated and of those who did not evacuate have been principal focus of some previous researches related to hurricane evacuation behavior. This research presents two sets of decision-making models for analyzing hurricane evacuation behavior, using two statistical methods: standard logistic model and mixed logistic model.The receipt of evacuation order, elevation, expenditure, the presence of children and elderly people, ownership of a house, and receipt of hurricane warning are found to be extremely important in evacuation decision making. When the mixed logistic model is applied, the rate of concern about hurricane threat is assumed to be random according to normal distribution. Mixed logistic models which account for the heterogeneity of household responses are found to perform better than standard logistic model.



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